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yesterday was the worse day ever... and tomorrow wont be better...

i didnt get to see jack johnson, social d, the foo fighters, afi, dilated peoples, A Tribe Called Quest, Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals, The Killers, jimmy Eat World, P.O.D., Roots Rock Reggae Festival, OR Slightly Stoopid.


cause i was at some boring quince for some girl i didnt even know.

AND, i didnt get to go carolina's quince, and i feel so bad about myself, i just want to... through [a glass] something at the wall. a thousand times.


i when i got to the reception i was so angry. and the stupid candy michine didnt return all of my Goddamn change. i think it was cause the reception place was owned by a church, and since i dont go to church, the stupid michine took my money. on purpose.

i was angry when i got there. i REALLY did NOT want to be there. at. all. i wasnted to scream, i wanted to cry, i wanted to knochdown tables, kick some ass, and just... LEAVE. i think i might still be a bit angry. :-\

reason #1487 for why family sucks almost as much cock as selene.

speaking of selene.

wow, selene, i must say you've really outdone yourself this time. really, you have.

but i must also say, i find it a bit confusing the way you go around school telling people "oh denise? yeah i dont really care about her anymore, i dont hate her anymore, i just dont care"


"cuz i dont give a rats ass about you! get it? got it? good!!!"
"i just wanted to be friends denise! i heard really good things about you and i thought we can work this out! i was willing to do it! i thought u were too! dou have too much pride denise! i had pride and that got me no where! y dont u want to fix things denise? y?"
"denise if you still ahte [hate] me too abd [bad] cuz i dont hate you, really i could care less but if you wanna bve [be] friends im gald to do so"

you know, a really good way to fix things, is to TRY to use what one writes in their journal against them. TWICE! you know, the way you have done.

i just want to say that you almost got me. i was amazingly close to saying, this is getting rediculous, im going to make a new journal. but you know what? i decided not to. because by doing that, im basically giving you the upper hand. if i were to go and make a new journal, i'd be showing that i feel i need to run from you, that i need to hide from you, in order to feel secure about that i feel & think and write in my journal. but i didnt make a new journal b/c selene, you dont scare me, and you most certainly dont intimidate me. therefore, i have no need to run from you, i have no need to hide from you. so read on bitch! cause everyone likes a whore who can read.

selene, raul and i have been through thick and thin, through good, bad, very good, and very bad. and here we are, still friends. and i plan to keep it that way. you can bet that im going to put up a fight and try to defend myself when one of my greatest friendships with someone is on the line. especially if its because of something that came out of you disgusting mouth. im not going to let a great friendship just die because you hate so much hate inside you that you feel the need to ruin something great that you dont have.

so all i can say is, i wish you luck in washington (cause your not the only one who's been doing some journal reading, bitch) and hopefull by this coming summer you won't find yourself trying to run away from there, cause like they say, history has a tendency to repeat itself. and since i know saying "stay away from sex" would have no effect on you, cause your whore, and whores are like that, all i can say is get your nasty ass on the pill, and use protection, cause i'd hate to see you with a kid, or even HIV/AIDs your parents will probly be disappointed of you don't. and dont forget to stay away from those seven deadly sins, especially "lust". cause wanna-be christians like you should:


i had so much more to say to you, but right now, not all of it is coming to me, and i think that a whole half of my entry should be more than enough of a tribute to you, so enjoy, bitch.
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