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this is how it feels to not believe.

went to l'école.


nothing happened.

english was bla. chem was boring. everyone swears like its such a great class. pshhhh! and Barron isnt that hot. ok, yeah, he kinda looks like le tom cruise. whatever. he's not that hot. and the class sucks cock. so ha. lunch. i forgot to look for le howard. = not good. kinda talked to le raul. then... um... i so know this... i had... PHYS ED! we "walked to the price centeR". it was... tiring. and i really wanted to take my bra off for some reason. like, keep my shirt on, but just not have my bra on. it was bizarre. ha. then español. and that class... GOD! it goes by SO. EFFIN'. SLOW. >:(


then i stayed after school for le robotics.

my group all got layed off from our jobs. they didnt have enough money for what we were doing. i dont know. something of le sort.

but thats ok, cause i took my work elsewhere. and joined some other guys' group. so im still in le robotics. but we gotta do 20 hours of community service before january. and i forgot to ask señor mainieri if taking care of gatos counts. :-/

then i rode le late bus. sat next to lawanna. and dude. i so dont think julio's cute.

then i got off. went to le taco shop.


le fin.
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